About the Author: Don A. Fischer

Don A. Fischer grew up in a good Christian family that faithfully attended church every Sunday morning. Like many young people, it wasn’t until after he experienced some difficult times in his twenties that he turned to the Lord for comfort and guidance. It was at this time that he encountered the Lord. This experience completely turned his life toward living for the Lord and making God the most important thing in his life. From that time until now, he has believed that one of his life callings is to tell people about how much God wants to be a part of their daily lives.

Don has many stories about how the Lord has worked in his life in unexpected ways. And he will tell you that even though the Lord works in his life on a regular basis and in some very remarkable ways, the study for and writing of The Great Harvest Hijack is the most rewarding of them all. Although he understands that the post-tribulation Harvest is contrary to what most Christians are taught, he believes the message in this book is a very important one.

Many people who regularly attend church will not overcome the temptation to take the Mark of the Beast during the Tribulation. In order to protect their lives and feed their families, they will choose to deny Jesus and will take the Mark of the Beast. It is critical to recognize that by taking the mark, they will have chosen to reject Jesus as Lord and will be given eternal punishment along will Satan and the Antichrist. Make sure that your faith is one of complete conviction so that when the time comes, you will not make the fatal mistake of choosing the Mark of the Beast rather than Christ.

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The Great Harvest Hijack

An easy-to-understand Bible study that compares the pre-trib rapture theory to the post-trib rapture theory. It proves without a shadow of a doubt the Jesus will return after the end-time Tribulation.